Hi, I Have Four Things To Tell You

1. I was recently featured in this great VICE docuseries about sex ed called FINISHING SCHOOL. You can find my episode here!

2. My debut documentary film “WHO’S YOUR TEACHER?” is premiering virtually this year, finally. It’s about how porn being our most accessible source for learning about sex isn’t okay because adult entertainers didn’t sign up to be our sex educators. Education has to improve NOW. 

    • Watch the “WHO’S YOUR TEACHER?” trailer here

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3. I made a docuseries in lockdown called AROUND THE WORLD IN 2020 about people’s experience of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement’s impact across the globe. Find all the available episodes on YouTube and IGTV.

4. I have a podcast with Whitney Moore where she shows me all the Disney movies I wasn’t allowed to watch in my Christian youth (too satanic!!!) and we rate them based on how evil my Fundamentalist Christian parents would think they are. Check out DELIVER US FROM DISNEY here!


For Comic Junkies 

The ValleyFolk (video)

The Male Gaze

VeryApe (explicit) 

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