Real question: How many people who call themselves witches, and recently did a spell for ~a simplified life~ think they manifested Coronavirus? Would love a number. Would love to be able to ask questions like this and get a real number.

[][][][][][][][][][][]+++[][][][][][][][][][][] I’ve found that you can get high enough to see it as a gift. You can get high enough to have your eyes widen themselves as you say quietly but out loud to yourself, “Whoa, it’s a gift.” You can get high enough to see it verrry clearly. Ah yes, humans receive things poorly, whether it’s knowledge or gifts. We’re bad at receiving, notoriously, because we’re so shut off from our individual experiences of pain and shame and fear. We’ve built up our ego and we’ve shut down our spirits to cope, in various ways. Well, adversity breaks you open, and when you’re open you can heal. When you’re open you can grow. A life-altering tragedy of this magnitude is the only way to give the whole world a gift. Death has to be involved because the fear of death is the only thing that unites us. A common tragedy that requires drastic changes of behavior facilitates focus and focus facilitates learning.  Death has always been a part of life, this time it brings with it growth, lessons, new behavior, growth. [][][][][][][][][][][]+++[][][][][][][][][][][][]

[][][][][][][][][][]+++[][][][][][][][][][][] but can you stay high enough? [][][][][][][][][][][]+++[][][][][][][][][][][]

Three things I’ve learned from this so far:

1.   Giving more time to your activities leads to giving the activities more love. Sure, could also lead to more resentment and fear and frustration too, but let’s focus on the more love part, because it’s just as true. It’s like Hannah Gadsby says in Nanette,”You learn from the part of the story you focus on.”

2.    Asking someone how they are doing/feeling can be burdensome right now. (We have lots of brand new rules right now and one of them is “how are you” feels terrible.) I find that I am burdened when I am asked how I am feeling, and I’ve picked that up from others when I ask too. There’s too much feeling to condense and share, and we’re mostly trying not to think too much about how we are. So maybe when you want to connect with someone right now, say something like, “I’m thinking about you…” and then maybe share a sweet memory so like “I’m thinking about you and the time we bought peaches from the curbside stand on the way back from the beach.” Or something like that. Then they can just react to the text and send a couple of crying emoji in response. That seems selfless to me.

3.    Everything is dialed up to near maximum intensity right now and our emotions are no exception. We’re all our own versions of distraught, angry, powerless, scared and numb because

all aspects of our lives abruptly paused in one
fell swoop and we’ve been put in immediate and fatal danger with weakened access to help, our incomes have stopped, daily tasks have increased in difficulty ten fold, everything has shut down, social contact has been deemed very possibly deadly, people have started dying en masse, and we’re all being told it’s just going to get worse every week oh and also
 WE HAVE A FUCKING STUPID/PUTRID/PUS ERUPTING/SELF-COPULATING SOCIAL DISEASE IN THE WHITE HOUSE who is putting all of our lives at risk every single day with the stuff he says like when he prescribes untested meds via twitter or at press conferences says shit like THE NEW CDC RECOMMENDATION IS THAT WE ALL WEAR MASKS BUT THEN SAYS HE “HONESTLY CAN’T SEE HIMSELF WEARING A MASK WHILE SITTING BEHIND HIS ‘BEAUTIFUL RESOLUTE DESK’ AS HE GREETS DICTATORS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we’re all mad about all that, that we’re overflowing. And we’re finding new storage spaces for the overflow. So we’re putting some of it into our loved ones, who are overflowing along with us  already. We all logically know this but emotion is always logical so this is just a reminder. This is a reminder to try not to turn on your loved ones. Or maybe it’s more fair to say, When you do briefly turn on your loved ones, get back on their team as soon as possible. You need them      and they need you and becoming vulnerable about that right now will serve you.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

__________A Friendly Body Experiment________


Me ‘n’ Quarantine

is there such a thing as intuitive exercise? stop counting just feel your way thru it? just feel and make up moves that feel good to you. i’ve been doing this the past week, sort of asking my body what it wants to do on any given day and listening to the answer. i’ve found that when i just move around, i end up beginning to crave traditional exercise, like sit ups, because i develop a desire to make the movement productive. typically i feel dread about strenuous work outs, but this frames effort differently for me, as something I want to do because I know I don’t have to but I know I can. then i’ll make up whatever type of situp feels fun to me in the moment, which doesn’t end up looking like a normal sit up, more like a dorky dance move done on my back, and I’ll do as many as i can plus a couple more for growth and i’ll end up being more sore the next day from the intuitive movement than i am from traditional sit ups. i’ve been doing this with butt, leg and arm workouts too. They feel both challenging and ~free~. trying to take some of the extra space and spread it around, inject extra space in my life into my typical routines and seeing

what it does

to them.

(i looked up intuitive exercise and it does exist, so now i feel valid in sharing it. why do i need others to do something to validate something i think is a good idea on my own? that’s to be explored next.)

Thinking of all of you all of the time.