I left as soon as I found out and everything has been so lovely since

A surplus of friends, I’ve had to reinstate mid-day naps

I feel peace and love, all around me

Today I walked home from an audition, that felt so nice

One of my four scene partners said “SALUTATIONS!” as he slated

Then told a story about how he is allergic to tofu, which I asked to hear

Julia, another scene partner, on our walk away from the studio told me how today was her first day at SoulCycle and also one of her first auditions with a new agent. She made arrangements to go in 2 hours early and leave early. Her energy was present and gentle and genuine.

My dad seemed lonely and a little sad today, but sweet as always. He gave me a check for $100. I was wrong about the lunch, and our relationship at large, being one sided, today. He asked how my jobs are going and I told him about a lot of auditions, he made follow-up jokes and we laughed together. We created a new connection today, somehow, after all these years and trips to Souplantation. I also discovered a new (or perhaps not new?) pizza bread that has crispy cheese on top, like little crumbles of cheesy crispies? It was delightful. When I eat as Souplantation, it’s usually the only meal I eat that day. I don’t want to know what additive is responsible for this.

I feel calm and inspired and in love with myself. I realized that a couple days ago. I’m so excited about my future, and to see what I’ll come up with every day. I like who I am, I’m interested in me. I have loved making this short film and I can’t wait to share it. I’ve enjoyed learning how to put in the work to make a “product”

which is what

I’ve learned

connects artists with other artists most powerfully

I feel nice, I feel happy, I feel free, I feel relieved.