When I’m not writing I think about the things I want to remember, by writing them, but when I’m writing, I can’t remember the things I didn’t want to forget.



I have grown to hate writing because it doesn’t “give me anything” because we live in a world where people feel ENTITLED to earn money without labor. You should earn money by doing what you love? Then we’re gonna make it labor



Choose what you labor for


Everybody labors


But writing does pay me, handsomely, in fact.


I will now place equal value on the things I can give myself without money>


Writing is one of those gifts that gives to me


It always has, why have I forsaken what it is at its core, a way for me to keep meeting myself


One of the secret hacks we have here, is writing


Ask yourself, but do you like the PERSON who has the things that you want. Privilege leaches character. Build both.