You may have watched Jenny Slate and Dean Fleisher Camp’s webseries CATHERINE: A STORY IN 12 PARTS when it first came out in 2013 like I did, but I HIGHLY SUGGEST you rewatch it now. Re-experiencing this in the midst of turmoil and madness and disappointment and fear the world over, hit me on a bunch of new and very hidden levels and had an overwhelmingly hypnotizing, VSMR effect on me. My reaction may also have to do with the fact that I am living ~within~ the unknown in big ways for the first time in my personal life, too.

Jenny and Dean created this world that’s entirely simplified, stripped of any extra, and oh my god it feels so good to go there right now. It’s a visual lullaby for the wayward, a balm for those wearied by unpredictability: the office drawers emptied of everything except exactly what she needs, the tea poured from the pot, already steeped, the crinkling of the paper around the stacks of simple sandwiches, the quiet, the routines, the mild upsets, the nods, the yeses, the allowance.

Let’s fall asleep to this every night from now on.