from Ram Dass

“Any disturbing emotion that may arise is wisdom the moment that you relax to your natural mind. Look directly into it, don’t deliberately reject it or regard it as a fault. Indulge in it concretely and regard it as a virtue.”

“I encourage you to look at your relationships as vehicles for awakening. Now, there are two kinds: one is you have somebody who wants to awaken with you, and the other is where you don’t.”

“We’re all one, but how are we going to arrive at it?”

“Let go of thoughts until there is just awareness.”

from Reshma Saujani TED talk

“In the 1980s psychologist Carol Dweck looked at how bright 5th graders handled an assignment that was too difficult for them. She found that bright girls were quick to give up; the higher the IQ, the more likely they were to give up. Bright boys, on the other hand, found the difficult material to be a challenge; they found it energizing, they were more likely to redouble their efforts. At the 5th grade level, girls routinely out-performed boys in every subject, including math and science. So it’s no indication of ability, the difference is in how boys and girls approach a challenge. An HP report found that men will apply for a job if they meet 60% of the qualifications. Women will apply only if they meet 100% of the qualifications. This study is usually invoked as evidence that, well, women need a little more confidence, but I think it’s evidence that women have been socialized to aspire to perfection and they’re overly cautious.”

from My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem 

“I finally understood why laughter is a mark of wanderers, from the holy fools of old Russia to the roadies of rock music, it’s the surprise, the unexpected, the loss of control. It turns out that laughter is the only free emotion, the only one that can’t be compelled. We can be made to fear, we can even be made to feel like we are in love because if we’re kept dependent and isolated for long enough, we bond in order to survive. But laughter explodes like an aha. It comes when the punchline changes everything that has gone before, when two opposites collide and make a third, when we suddenly see a new reality.” 

For want of a nail the shoe was lost,

for want of a shoe the horse was lost,

for want of a horse the knight was lost,

for want of a knight the battle was lost,

for want of a battle the kingdom was lost.

So a kingdom was lost—all for want of a nail.



“People are only as good as the deal you make and keep.”

from Adrienne Shelly’s SUDDEN MANHATTEN

The song of love is a shriek. -Gran’pa Pete 

The meek shall inherit the shit -Gran’pa Pete

“Maybe there is no choice. Maybe there is just what is in your nature to do.”

from E.B. White 

“If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. That makes it hard to plan the day.”

from a David Hopkins article on FRIENDS 

“The greatest threat to progress is the belief that something is too complex to fix.”