from art

Aïsha Devi: “For me, religion is dogma, tyranny and mind control. If you see the application of religion, it manipulates the masses, but also religion is about exclusion. Spirituality is about inclusion. It’s about including every single being in one form. I’m absolutely monist. I think that religions try and make us ignorant and worship icons that are images outside of yourself. But if you drop this, you start working on your inside. All you can work on is your own energy.”


from journalism

People supporting the right to bear arms are dominantly white men, who are more likely to be politically conservative, Republican, and have not graduated from university. -The Independent


from film

“Don’t play for real until it gets real.” –Mulholland Drive

Whoopi Goldberg Presents: Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin’ To Tell You taught me that you don’t have to do anything other than what you do, as long as you focus on being the best you can be at what you do.

I couldn’t watch the Netflix series Extreme Homes or Anthony Bordain’s Parts Unknown because the narration was so bad. Narration can make or break.


from YouTube

(Disclaimer, I dove deeply into the world of Tai Lopez after one of his extremely well-done ads played before a video. I acknowledge his falsities and am unclear about his intentions. Either way, I watched one of his talks and this stood out as being very useful.)

“You can never achieve constant happiness in this world any more than you could enjoy constantly reading a book. We experience happiness in proportion to contrast. The second you gain something, your brain ratchets up 120%. There is a new normal and you want a new feeling to contrast it. In order to enjoy food, you have to feel hungry sometimes. You have to feel discontent in order to like and enjoy happiness.”


from books

“You will see in the stations, in airports, small girls and boys carrying their teddy bears, they cannot sleep without them. Darkness makes their loneliness even more dangerous. The teddy bear is a great protection; somebody is with them. And your God is nothing but a teddy bear for grown-ups.” -Osho, The Book of Women


through exploration

In the process of eating all the food I own, I discovered that raw oats with almond milk, brown sugar, and raisins is, surprisingly, my favorite breakfast cereal.


through experiences

  • I’ve discovered that pleasing others and pleasing yourself pull from different skill sets. They are different boxes to put things in. They exist as end points to two different avenues.
  • Any time you “had” an idea and then somebody else uses it, on a later date, to achieve something else that was bigger than what you achieved with it, the new thing is not yours. You did what you could with your idea, it’s done. Ideas are energetic, you turned yours into matter, and that matter achieved what it achieved. The matter of the new idea is a new form. It’s not yours. Nothing is yours. Don’t obsess over what someone else is doing with something you thought was yours, grab onto another new idea.